At Kinglake West Primary School, we believe that strong literacy skills are crucial for our students to experience success in all areas of the curriculum, and for students to become lifelong learners. KWPS uses the Victorian Curriculum to plan, develop and teach literacy through research and evidence-based approaches.


Students particiapte in 2 hours of literacy per day which includes:

  • Explicit teaching of strategies and skills in reading, writing, oral language, vocabulary and spelling and grammar, and including phonemic and phonological awareness skills
  • Small group teaching instruction - students are supported by the teacher to apply the skills and strategies they are learning. These groups are differentiated and targeted to each student’s learning needs
  • Teachers regularly conferring with students about progress in reading and writing, and areas for improvement
  • Collaborative learning experiences, which encourage students to develop their speaking and listening skills, as they discuss books, complete group tasks and provide feedback to each other about their learning
  • Opportunities for students to independently read and write, practising the skills they have been taught


Teachers use student data to plan for and target the needs of individual students through a number of approaches, such as guided reading and strategy groups.


Prep- 2 students participate in daily Heggerty practice which focuses on developing students phonemic awareness skills.

Students develop their comprehension skills in order to connect with and respond appropriately to texts. With support from teachers, they participate in reciprocal teaching and literature circles to consolidate and expand their comprehension skills.



They have access to a wide range of reading rich material in our school and classroom libraries, as well as access to range of online resources which support their literacy learning and love of reading.




Intervention Programs

Kinglake West Primary School offers intervention programs for students in P-6 with a focus on developing phonological awareness, decoding strategies and increased comprehension skills.



English Events Coming Up:

Book Week - 19th August to 25th August

Book Week Dress Up Day - Friday 25th August


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