At Kinglake West Primary School, we believe mathematics is integral to be active participates in modern society. We aim for students become Mathematical thinkers and to understand that mathematics is part of their daily life.

The focus of Mathematics sessions is to develop and extend students’ mathematical skills through rich and authentic learning tasks. We foster positive attitudes towards Mathematics, providing opportunities for students to experience success and to embrace challenges. We focus on developing students’ ability to use Mathematical processes and to apply them to real-life contexts.


 Our approach to teaching Mathematics includes:

  • A positive mindset approach to mathematics, that teachers all students that they are capable learners.
  • Targeted teaching relevant to the needs of students, according to the curriculum standards.
  • Extensive use of concrete manipulatives engage students and support them in their learning.
  • Explicit, daily teaching of numeracy utilising a school wide instructional model based on the proficiencies: fluency, reasoning, understanding and problem solving.
  • Students practise and extend skills through problem solving and open ended tasks.
  • Students are encouraged to solve problems efficiently by using a range of strategies, such as finding a pattern.
  • Whole class modelling and explanations of mathematical processes to promote understanding
  • Small group instruction, allowing for differentiated learning, balanced with whole class, partner and individual learning opportunities


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