The Arts


Across their primary years, students explore rhythm, pitch, texture, tone colour, dynamics and melody. Singing is also a major element, with students learning songs to encourage oral language, confidence and musicianship. School choir opportunities are available in the latter years of primary school.


Performing Arts

Through the Performing Arts program at Kinglake West Primary School, students have the opportunity to communicate their ideas or expand their mind creatively through music, dance and drama. The purpose of the performing arts is to give the students a creative outlet and challenge them in new and exciting ways they may not have thought they were capable.  


Every year, all students have the opportunity to perform at our end of year celebration night.



Visual Arts

All students at Kinglake West Primary School have 1 hour art lesson a week. Students learn skills and theory in many forms of Art such as drawing, painting, modelling, construction, printing, textiles and collage from Foundation to Grade 5/6. They experiment with a variety of materials, learning numerous techniques whilst creating individual artworks.


The elements of colour, space, texture, shape, line, form and value are learnt through a variety of topics, many of which are complementary to the inquiry studied in the classrooms. The students are given the opportunity to discover their creativity and experiment with different techniques to enable them to create art pieces that are unique to their individual personalities.


Students at Kinglake West Primary School have been involved in numerous community art events such as displaying work at the Whittlesea Show and the Kinglake Art Show.

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