At Kinglake West Primary School students have the opportunity to experience camp life away from home to assist with the development of independence and interpersonal skills. We offer a camping program to students in Prep through to Year 6. 


PREP - Students arrive to school earlier than a normal school day and enjoy breakfast with their peers. They develop their independence by preparing their own breakfast and table settings. 


YEAR 1 - Students in Year 1 participate in a 'Dinner' at school. At the end of the school day, students go home and get changed. The then return to school at a designated time and enjoy a dinner at their pre prepared table settings where they have the opportunity to serve themselves. They then enjoy some night time activities before returning home for the evening. 


YEAR 2 - Students in Year 2 also participate in dinner and activities alongside the Year 1 students. Once the Year 1 students leave for the evening, Year 2 students settle in for a sleepover in the camp beds they have set up. They get to enjoy some treats and a movie before they drift off to sleep. This sleep over experience prepares the students for future camps and allows them to engage in fun activities outside normal school hours without their parents and families. 


YEAR 3/4 - Students attend a 2 day/1 night adventure camp to various locations.


YEAR 5/6 - Students attend a 3 day/2 night camp at either Phillip Island or City experience depending on the year. 


Each camp experience focuses on adventure and initiative activities with the aim to improve the students’ interpersonal skills and ability to build positive relationships with others.


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