LOTE - Auslan

AUSLAN is a language learnt to communicate with deaf people. This is a remarkable opportunity for our students. The value of AUSLAN as a LOTE for many children, especially those of other cultures and background languages is that it supports the development of English through the initial requirement for children to be able to spell on the fingers.


It is a very engaging way to re-enforce spelling and letter recognition through the visual communication language of AUSLAN. It also provides students with a highly valuable skill to take into their future. 


Learning as a second language allows divergent thinking in our students and further promotes the quality learners we have at our school. The formal study of Auslan  provides:

  • opportunities for engagement with the Deaf community and insight into its rich cultural heritage
  • opportunities to develop intercultural capabilities, understanding and respect for others, appreciation of diversity and openness to different perspectives and experiences.


Information regarding Learning Auslan can be found on the Victorian Curriculum website.










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