Prep B




The beginning of school can be a really daunting thing for all students, particularly Preps. 
Before school starts, each student completes an 'Interview' with their Prep teacher which can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. This interview is an assessment of each child's starting point and it provides the teacher with time to get to know each student in a one-to-one setting. More information on this is provided during information sessions. Those dates along with our Transition times can be found here 


Prep students are provided with 3 opportunities to eat across each day- Fruit Snack (also sometimes known as brain food), Recess and Lunch. After lunch students are also encouraged to eat anything else if they have food left/are hungry. 


This year, our specialist subjects are Physical Education, LOTE- Auslan, Performing Arts and Visual Art.
Students participate in an hour of each, every week. 


Term 1- Me and My Community- we look at how to describe ourselves, who is in our family and who int he community can help us.

Term 2- Chemical Science- we explore many chemical reactions using hands on (child friendly) experiments.

Term 3- History- we discover how toys have changed over the years and compare them between the olden days and now.

Term 4- Design Tech- students are introduced to basic design briefs, follow basic instructions and create their designs.

Buddies- Prep and Grade 6 students participate in 1-2 sessions a fortnight. To read more about this head to our Transition page 




Easter Egg Hunt with Grade 6 Buddies                      Playing 'Ice Cream Stores' in the cubby house


Working in the veggie garden with a parent helper   Finding shapes in the playground




Making playdough during a STEM lesson                 Meeting Healthy Harold the Giraffe 




Taking some lap desks out at lunchtime                   Enjoying Milo Monday

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