Vision & Values


Kinglake West Primary School is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive school environment where students are empowered to become active global citizens.  




Kinglake West Primary School’s mission is to work in partnership with all stakeholders to work toward equipping students with personal strengths and qualities of resilience, gratitude, empathy, kindness and curiosity in order to be lifelong learners. We foster the whole child through a comprehensive an academic and social and emotional curriculum that provides students with purposeful and engaging learning opportunities.



The School Values were developed through consultation with parents and staff in 2017.  School Council selected and endorsed the values based on these discussions in May 2017.


Kinglake West Primary School’s values are:

HONESTY – Demonstrating integrity, truthfulness, trust and fairness through taking responsibility and being accountable for our own actions.

EVERYONE MATTERS – Promoting and upholding a sense of belonging, connection and inclusivity for all members of the school community.

ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST – Having a growth mindset that demonstrates a determination to do your best, be persistent and resilient to achieve individual success.

RESPECT – Being considerate of our own feelings, beliefs, opinions, belongings and expectations and those of others, including the wider school community.

TEAMWORK – Working together towards a shared goal by demonstrating patience, empathy and support for one and other.


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